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M-PETS YUMI SMART BOWL – Round shape – With Slow Feeder

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Elevate mealtime with the M-Pets Yumi Smart Bowl!

Slows down your dog’s eating and improves its well-being.

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M-PETS Yumi Smart Bowl with Slow Food

Elevate mealtime for your beloved pup with the M-Pets Yumi Smart Bowl with Slow Food Feeder, a modern and practical addition to your pet’s daily routine, ensuring their health and happiness with each meal.

With an elegant White and black design. Help transform your dog’s mealtime into a calm, controlled, and healthy experience!


🐾 Slows Eating

Prevents gulping down food too quickly. With its cleverly designed interior patterns, it encourages your pup to savor every bite, improving digestion and reducing the risk of overeating.

🐾 Precision Feeding

The Yumi Smart Bowl uses smart technology to accurately measure your dog’s food by weight, making sure they get the right amount of nourishment every day.

🐾 Mess-Free Meals

Designed to prevent food spillage, this bowl keeps mealtime tidy, eliminating messy floors and scattered kibble.

🐾 Easy to Clean

The bowl is easy to clean, ensuring your pet always has a clean, hygienic dining experience.

🐾 Weight Control

It helps control weight gain in dogs. By preventing overeating and promoting portion control.




In stock