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BIOGANCE NUTRI LISS Detangler Lotion Cats 250ml

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Nourishing and antistatic Detangler for cat Brushing.

Keeps fur shiny, healthy, and tangle-free.

Easy brushing made possible! Try it now.

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BIOGANCE NUTRI LISS Lotion for Cats is a non-oily and antistatic brushing lotion enriched with natural mango extracts, specially formulated to nourish, condition, and add shine to your cat’s coat.


🐾 Nourishing Formula

Enriched with natural mango extracts that provide essential nutrients to your cat’s coat, promoting a healthier and shinier appearance.

🐾Non-Oily and Antistatic

The lotion is non-greasy and antistatic so it won’t leave any oily residue on your pet’s fur, preventing static electricity build-up for a smooth and manageable coat.

🐾Suitable for all coat types

Whether your cat has long, short, curly, or straight fur, this lotion works effectively on all coat textures.

🐾pH balanced formula

The lotion is formulated to be pH balanced, ensuring that it is gentle on your pet’s skin and coat.

🐾Paraben-free & Silicone free

By being free from these substances, the lotion reduces the risk of potential irritation or allergic reactions.

🐾Natural ingredients

98% of the formula is derived from bio and natural sources.

Instructions for use

  1. Spray during brushing from a 30 cm distance.
  2. You can use it every day while brushing.




In stock