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Royal Canin British Short Hair adult wet food

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Looking for the perfect food for your British Shorthair? Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult specially formulated wet cat food provides all the unique nutritional needs of your adult British Shorthair, ensuring they stay healthy, happy, and full of energy.


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Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult wet formula made just for your adult British Shorthair cat over 12 months.

The consistency of the moist food is adjusted by adding cylindrical pieces in gravy to meet the needs of your British Shorthair.

Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult in Gravy includes moderate energy levels and an adapted fat content (3.2%).

The nutrients in the formula help maintain muscle mass, healthy skin, and a well-nourished coat.

If your cat prefers dry food, Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult is also available in crunchy kibbles.

To ensure your cat receives optimal benefits from mixed feeding, follow the feeding guidelines for accurate portion sizes of both wet and dry food.

Why Royal Canin British shorthair adult wet food?

1- Adapted texture

Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult in Gravy is specifically formulated with cylindrical chunks in gravy to complement the British Shorthair dry diet. This adapted texture makes it easier for your British Shorthair to eat and digest, ensuring that they get the most out of their food.

2- Moderate energy

Royal Canin British Shorthair Adult in Gravy contains a moderate energy level and an adapted fat content (3.2%) to help maintain your cat’s ideal body condition. This reduced energy density can help prevent obesity and keep your cat healthy and active.

3- Healthy urinary system

The balanced mineral content helps support a healthy urinary system in adult cats. This can reduce the risk of urinary tract problems and ensure that your cat stays healthy and comfortable.

4- Healthy skin and coat

Contains a variety of nutrients, including a specific balance of vitamins, to maintain a healthy and well-nourished coat. This helps to support healthy skin and coat, reducing the risk of skin irritations, dryness, and hair loss.


The product contains a range of ingredients, including both animal-based and plant-based components.

Among the animal-based ingredients are meat and its derivatives, as well as fish and fish derivatives.

The product also includes cereals, extracts of vegetable protein, oils and fats, and derivatives sourced from plants.

In addition to these components, it contains a variety of minerals and sugars.


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