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BIOGANCE Clean Pad – Paw Care Lotion – 100ml

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Strengthen, heal, and hydrate with Fruit Acids and Allantoin. Quick-drying and versatile for daily use.

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Paw Care Lotion for Dogs & Cats

Enhance your pet’s paw care routine with BIOGANCE Clean Pad – Paw Care Lotion for dogs and cats, the solution for maintaining healthy and resilient paw pads.


🐾 Strengthens Paw Pads

Formulated with Fruit Acids, this lotion promotes robust and resilient paw pads, ensuring your pet is ready for any adventure.

🐾 Healing Touch

Enriched with Allantoin, known for its healing properties, it aids in the recovery of small wounds and abrasions, providing comfort and care.

🐾 Deep Hydration

Rehydrates the pads, moisturizing the surface layers of the epidermis and preventing dryness, cracking, or discomfort.

🐾 Quick-Drying Formula

Unlike traditional balms, the lotion form ensures a speedy drying, making it convenient for pets and owners.

🐾 Versatile Usage

From daily maintenance to extreme weather conditions and challenging terrains, this lotion is a versatile solution for comprehensive paw care.

🐾 Safe for kittens

Crafted with the consideration for your pet’s health and happiness, this lotion is gentle and secure, making it suitable for use even on kittens.

Usage tips

  1. Spray daily on the pads, or when going out in extreme weather conditions and on aggressive terrain.
  2. Avoid contact with eyes.
  3. Suitable for kittens.




In stock