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Vega Copper Cat Collar – Milk & Pepper

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Enhance your cat’s fashion with the VEGA Milk & Pepper Collar.

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Vega Copper Cat Collar

Elevate your cat’s appearance to match their unique personality with the Vega Copper Cat Collar, where style and charm effortlessly come together!

It’s more than just a collar; it’s a way for your pet to look fabulous wherever it goes!


🐾 Safety Elastic

To ensure your cat’s safety, the collar comes with a safety elastic strap, providing security during wear.

🐾 Polished Edges

Every detail matters, including the polished edges that perfectly match the collar’s overall charm.

🐾 Built-In Bell

This collar comes with a small bell that gently jingles as your pet moves, making it a fun feature and helping you know where it is.

🐾 Copper fasteners 

The copper fasteners not only enhance the collar’s visual appeal but also provide durability.


  • Brand: Milk & Pepper
  • Category: Collars, Harnesses & Leashes
  • Width: 1cm (Cat)
  • Collar Material: Imitation metallic leather with Copper glitters
  • Lining Material: Imitation leather in black color
  • Metal Trimmings: Copper color
  • Edges: Polished to match with the collar
  • Safety Elastic
  • Small Bell attached


Milk & Pepper

In stock