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Transform your pet’s space with Fresh ‘N’ Clean Spray!

Eliminate odors effortlessly and create a stress-free environment.

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 A perfect solution from Biogance to remove odours and clean the area where your pet sits and sleeps.
 This sanitizing and cleaning spray is enriched with tea tree and eucalyptus which cleans the area while helping your dog or cat relax.
 – 2 in 1 spray to sooth your pet and clean their area
 – Refreshing and sanitizing solution
 – Easy to use and can help reduce stress
 Can be used to clean cages, litter boxes, and kennels or any other area.
 Remove the animal from the area and remove any present stains. Spray directly on the textiles 20 cm apart and leave to dry, or spray on a cloth and rub. Wait for few minutes before allowing your pet to return.
 Use 1 to 2 times a week.



In stock