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NURSING Kit: For Newborn, Ill or Recovering Pets. Bottle, Silicone Nipple, Easy Clean.


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Nurture your tiniest companions with the NURSING Kit!

NURSING Kit This essential kit provides everything you need to feed orphaned, newborn, or ill pets.

Here’s what makes  the Kit the paw-fect choice:

Complete Feeding Solution:

The kit includes a soft, silicone nipple and a squeezable bottle designed for comfortable and controlled feeding.

Suitable for Small Animals:

The small size of the nipple and bottle is perfect for puppies, kittens, and other small animals.

Ideal for Newborn Pets:

Provide nourishment to orphaned or newborn animals who are unable to feed from their mother.

Feeding Ill or Recovering Pets:

The NURSING Kit is also useful for gently feeding pets who are ill, injured, or recovering from surgery.

Easy to Clean and Use:

The silicone nipple and plastic bottle are easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring hygienic feeding practices.


Brand: M-PET
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In stock