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IGUANIA Leather Cat Collar by Milk & Pepper – Kakhi

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IGUANIA Leather Cat Collar

Elevate your cat’s appearance to match their unique personality with the IGUANIA leather Cat Collar by Milk and Pepper, where style and charm effortlessly come together!

It’s more than just a collar; it’s a way for your pet to look fabulous wherever it goes!


🐾 Lizard Print Elegance

This collar boasts a chic lizard pattern, adding a touch of style to your cat’s appearance.

🐾 Safety Elastic

To ensure your cat’s safety, the collar comes with a safety elastic strap, providing security during wear.

🐾 Polished Edges

Every detail matters, including the polished edges that perfectly match the collar’s overall charm.

🐾 Built-In Bell

This collar comes with a small bell that gently jingles as your pet moves, making it a fun feature and helping you know where it is.

🐾 Titanium Fasteners

The elegant golden fasteners provide the perfect finishing touch to this fashionable collar.

🐾 Medal Engraved “M&P”

To make this collar even more special, it comes with a medal engraved with “M&P” for a unique and charming touch.


  • Brand: Milk & Pepper
  • Category: Collars, Harnesses & Leashes
  • Product: Print leather collar – Lizard design
  • Color: khaki and black
  • Width: 1 cm (cat)
  • Black safety elastic band
  • Black leather lining
  • Black waxed edge 
  • Titanium buckle
  • Titanium small bell


Milk & Pepper

In stock