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L’Chic Tumbler interactive ball spinner

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Combination of movement, treats, and interactive sounds! A simple and enjoyable way to keep your furry friend happy and active.

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L’Chic Tumbler interactive ball spinner –
Treat dispenser cat toy

Tumbler interactive ball spinner & Treat dispenser cat toy – a fun and interactive toy for cats designed to keep your cat engaged and entertained during playtime.

It features a ball spinner and a treats dispenser, offering two exciting activities in one.

The motorized sweeper arm rotates the balls around, while the dome cage provides a designated play space.

It’s suitable for both dogs and cats, making it a versatile option for pet owners.

Get ready for hours of joy and playfulness with this engaging toy!


🐾Engaging and Interactive

Capturing your cat’s attention and encouraging active play.

🐾Treat Dispenser

Reward your cat’s playtime efforts with the built-in treat dispenser with the ability to change hole sizes, adding extra excitement.

🐾Motorized Sweeper Arm

The rotating arm creates unpredictable movement, keeping your cat entertained.

🐾Suitable for Cats and Dogs

Enjoy the interactive fun with multiple pets in your household.

🐾Interactive Sounds

The toy features captivating sounds that capture your cat’s attention and encourage extended play sessions.


Brand: ‎L’Chic

Category: Interactive Cat Toy 

Color: ‎Blue

Material: ‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Polypropylene

Weight: ‎0.42 Kilograms

Dimensions: 206 x 206 x 160mm

Batteries: 3 AAA batteries are required (Not included)

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In stock