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M-PETS Vortex Interactive Cat Toy – Black

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Keep your cat entertained and happy with the Vortex interactive cat toy. A combination of movement, and stimulating sounds for endless fun!

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M-PETS Vortex Interactive Cat Toy

M-PETS Vortex Interactive Cat Toy, A fun and interactive cat toy that provides hours of playing.

The perfect toy tower for your cat’s enjoyment! With three spinning balls, enticing sounds, and captivating lights, this tower will keep your kitty happily occupied for hours.

The top and bottom openings allow for easy ball placement and removal as needed.


🐾Unleash your cat’s inner hunter

The M-PETS Vortex Interactive  Cat Toy satisfies your cat’s hunting and prey instincts, providing them with an outlet for natural behaviors.

🐾Interactive and engaging

Capturing your cat’s attention and encouraging active play.

🐾 Battery-powered (3 x AA batteries)

The Toy operates on three AA batteries, providing convenience and portability. Simply insert the batteries, and your cat can enjoy endless hours of playtime.

🐾Exercise and mental stimulation

The interactive nature of the toy encourages your cat to engage in physical activity and provides mental stimulation, contributing to their overall well-being and happiness.

🐾Top and bottom opening

For easy ball placement and removal.


Brand: M-PETS

Category: Interactive Cat Toy

Size: 22 x 19.7 cm

Color: Black

Battery: 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Sensors: light sensor

3 balls

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Out of stock