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M-PETS Toothpaste – Mint flavor

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Make dental care a breeze – choose M-PETS Toothpaste for a happy and healthy pet.

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M-PETS Mint Flavor Toothpaste for dogs & cats

Meet M-PETS Mint Flavor Toothpaste, specially formulated for cats and dogs. A delightful solution to enhance your pet’s oral hygiene.

This pet-safe toothpaste not only improves dental health but also helps prevent tartar buildup, ensuring a fresh breath for your furry friend.


🐾 Improved Oral Health

Tackles plaque and bacteria, keeping your pet’s mouth healthy.

🐾 Tartar Prevention

Fights stubborn tartar, promoting strong teeth and gums.

🐾 Fresh Breath

Ensures pleasant moments with long-lasting freshness.

🐾 For All Ages

Ideal for puppies, adult dogs, and seniors.




In stock