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MOON Cushion

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No matter where you go, your little one will always need to find comfort in their own personal rest time. This product is a fun, colorful, and zesty shape that is sure to make their bedtime magical. Featuring a trendy moon design with a crescent moon shape. it is a playful bedding piece that is sure to delight your little pet. Your little one will never want to leave their cozy pillow or go to sleep without it. Moon Cushion is a must-have piece that is perfect for playtime,  relaxing, and a good night’s rest. Cuddly and fun, this colorful and zesty design is sure to make your dog feel like a dream.


Has a great shape and color that will fit your dog.
Filled with fur to ensure a relaxing experience for your pet.
anti-slip, has a zipper, washable


Dimensions: 50 x 8 cm
Surface: linen
Filling: PV Fur



In stock