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Tank Pet Backpack & Handbag

Tank Pet Backpack: Spacious, Secure, Convertible (Up to 15kg).

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The Tank Pet Backpack & Handbag is a stylish and convenient way to carry your pet with you wherever you go!

Tank Pet Backpack & Handbag This versatile carrier functions both as a backpack and handbag, providing you with multiple carrying options.

Here’s what makes  the Backpack & Handbag the paw-fect choice:

Spacious Comfort:

The large interior (35 x 27 x 49 cm) offers ample space for your pet to relax comfortably during travel or outings. Before purchasing, measure your pet to ensure they will have enough space to stand up and turn around comfortably.

Safe and Secure:

The built-in leash allows you to secure your pet inside the carrier to prevent them from escaping. A peek-a-boo hole on the top provides ventilation and allows you to interact with your pet during your adventure.

Multiple Carrying Options:

The detachable shoulder straps allow you to comfortably wear the carrier as a backpack, while the sturdy handles make it easy to carry as a handbag. The carrier also folds flat for easy storage when not in use.

Stylish Design:

The sleek and modern design of the Tank Pet Backpack & Handbag makes it a fashionable way to travel with your furry friend.

Suitable for Most Pets:

This carrier is ideal for pets up to 15 kg. Always double-check the dimensions to ensure a comfortable fit for your pet.


Brand: Purrpy
Category: Cages & Carriers
Dimensions: 35 x 27 x 49 cm

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.