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Suction caps for Horizon Cat Window Perch

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Replacement Suction Caps for Horizon Cat Window Perch: Keep your cat’s perch secure & safe! High-quality, durable, easy to install. Secure window mounting for lasting enjoyment. Order yours today!

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Keep your feline friend’s favorite hangout secure with replacement Suction caps for Horizon Cat Window Perch!

Suction caps for Horizon Cat Window Perch These high-quality and durable suction caps are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, ensuring your cat’s window perch stays safely mounted for long-lasting enjoyment.

Imagine your cat:

  • Relaxing peacefully on their favorite window perch, confidently gazing out the window with the secure support of the replacement suction caps.
  • Basking in the warm sunshine or watching birds flutter by with complete peace of mind, thanks to the reliable hold of the suction caps.
  • Enjoying their own special space to relax and unwind, knowing their perch is secure and stable.

Replacing your Window Perch suction caps is easy and convenient:

  • Simply remove the old suction caps and replace them with the new ones.
  • The strong suction power ensures a secure attachment to your window, providing your cat with a safe and comfortable place to perch.


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Invest in the Window Perch and give your cat the gift of security and peace of mind! These essential replacements are a must-have for any cat owner who wants to ensure their feline companion can continue to enjoy their favorite window perch for years to come. Order yours today and witness the contented transformation – a relaxed cat, a happy you, and a secure window perch for endless hours of enjoyment!



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