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SHETLAND Blanket – S

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SHETLAND Blanket – S: Cozy comfort for your pet! 100% wool, soft & breathable. Perfect for small pets. Spoil your pet with warmth & comfort!**


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Drape your pet in ultimate comfort with the SHETLAND Blanket – S.

SHETLAND Blanket – S This luxuriously soft and cozy blanket is made from 100% natural wool, providing your furry friend with warmth and comfort they’ll love.

Imagine your pet:

  • Snuggling contentedly under the blanket, the soft fibers gently cradling them.
  • Feeling warm and secure on chilly days, the wool fibers naturally regulate their temperature.
  • Relaxing peacefully with a sense of calm and contentment.

The SHETLAND Blanket – S isn’t just soft and cozy for your pet, it’s also a thoughtful choice for you:

Made from 100% natural wool: 

Wool is a breathable and temperature-regulating fiber, keeping your pet warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s also naturally resistant to odors and easy to care for.

Perfect size for small pets: 

The 75x50cm size is ideal for cats, small dogs, or other cuddly creatures.

Stylish and versatile:

The classic design and neutral color complement any home décor. Use it on your couch, pet bed, or anywhere your pet likes to lounge.

Easy to care for: 

The blanket is machine-washable for easy cleaning.


Brand: M-PET
Category: Bed & Blankets
Dimensions: Size: 75x50cm

Invest in the SHETLAND Blanket – S and show your pet you care! This luxuriously soft, comfortable, and easy-care blanket is the perfect way to provide your furry friend with ultimate comfort and warmth. Order yours today and witness the contented transformation – a relaxed and cozy pet, and peace of mind for you!



Out of stock