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M-Pets Oval Slicker Brush S: Dog groomer recommended, removes fur & tangles, all coat types, healthy coat, ergonomic grip.


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  • 10,5×18,5 cm
  • M-PETS Oval Slicker Brush can be used as a dirt brush but also as a dog brush for easy removal of dead hair, matting, and tangles. The fine steel bristles leave the dog’s coat looking shiny and healthy. Recommended by dog groomers for all breeds and coat types.
  • Closely placed thin bristles do not hurt your furry one while brushing and are a perfect tool to use before bathing your long-haired dog.
  • The slicker brush can be used every day to keep your dog’s fur tangle and mat-free. The handle is made of rubber and has an ergonomic grip to keep it comfortable for use. This brush is recommended by dog groomers worldwide



In stock