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Home life indoor Royal Canin

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Indoor 27 cat food is specifically designed for your adult indoor cat (1-7 years) who has a less active lifestyle. The formulation is made to meet their nutritional needs and help them maintain a healthy weight.


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With a unique taste that cats love, this highly digestible protein contains all the essential amino acids to help cats maintain a healthy digestive system and regulate the quantity and odor of stools. Home Life Indoor Royal Canin is designed for indoor cats with a moderate fat content. This formulation is the perfect choice for fussy cats that may not eat enough food. The exclusive psyllium fiber (without gluten) is highly digestible and helps stimulate the elimination of ingested hair. It has a powerful effect on the gastrointestinal tract. The pleasant flavor of Royal Canin is derived from the combination of sweet caramel and the taste of fresh vegetables.


Sterilized raw materials for high digestibility and lack of smell.
Contains psyllium, an insoluble fiber, which stimulates the elimination of ingested hair.
High level of fat adapted to less active indoor cats.


Color: White.
Weight:  1.5 kg

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