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NEW CatElite – Richard Cat tree

KD 19.750

CatElite – Richard Cat Tree: Spoil your kitty with regal style! Scratch, lounge, play, relax. Sisal scratching, plush platforms, toys. Happy cat, stylish home!

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 A scratch board with a tree house for cats that helps them release stress and stimulate their minds.
 This is the solution for cats that love to scratch but sometimes ruin the furniture or don’t find a good place to release this energy.
 It comes with a beautiful design that will complement any interior, and with two comfortable cushions.
 – A beautifully designed cat scratch board
 – Relieves stress and stimulate the mind
 – Made from high quality cardboard
 – Cats can also sleep and relax on this board
 Size: 40 x 40 x 62 cm
 Diameter: 12 cm
 Height: 30 cm



In stock