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Let your cat eat in style with this versatile Makesure 2-in-1 Bowl. Made from durable porcelain material, this kitty-safe bowl has anti-bacterial and heat resistant properties.

  • Stack it up to improve digestive health and relieve neck stress or use separately for multi-cat households! Porcelain bowls are purrfect for cats that are sensitive to plastic.
  • Switching to porcelain bowls can help prevent the build-up of acne on the chins of cats sensitive to plastic.
  • Round-edge bowl is suitable for use with dry food while the flat-edge bowl is suitable for use with wet food.
  • – Easy to clean – Sturdy and durable – Nonsticky and easy to clean –
  • Anti-slip rubber for round-edge bowl –
  • Anti-ant (Place water in the flat-edge bowl when stacked) –
  • Available in two colours, purchase both to mix and match!
  • Pair it with Makesure Non-Slip Feeding Mat for the ultimate combination.
  • Stacked up dimension: 8 x 16.6cm Round-edge bowl: 5 x 16.6cm Flat-edge bowl: 3 x 13.7cm Bowl Capacity: 80 ~ 120g Weight: 860g

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