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Makati Cat Tree

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Makati Cat Tree: Big cat fun in a small space! Sturdy sisal posts, plush platforms, playful toys. Perfect for large & active cats. Modern design, space-saving. Happy cat, happy life!

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Give your majestic Maine Coon or playful Persian the perfect place with the Makati Cat Tree!

This isn’t just a climbing structure, it’s a throne fit for feline royalty, meticulously crafted to provide endless entertainment and relaxation for even the biggest and most active kitties. Imagine your cat majestically scaling the sturdy sisal posts, lounging in the plush, multi-level platforms, and batting at the playful toys – all within their very own vertical kingdom. The Makati Cat Tree isn’t just functional, it’s a stunning statement piece that adds a touch of modern elegance to any home decor.

Here’s why your big cat will reign supreme over the Makati Cat Tree:

Built for Big Felines:

Crafted with a rock-solid base and extra-thick sisal scratching posts.

Vertical Adventure:

Multiple levels connected by sturdy sisal posts provide endless opportunities for climbing, jumping, and exploring.

Plush Paradise:

Soft, plush platforms and cozy cubbyholes offer luxurious napping spots and hideaways.

Playful Delights:

Dangling toys and sisal balls keep boredom at bay, enticing playful batting sessions and satisfying your cat’s hunting instincts.

Space-Saving Design:

Measuring 47.836.9147cm, the tree maximizes vertical space, making it ideal for even smaller apartments without sacrificing stability or features.

Multiple Fun Levels:

From the sisal scratching post base to the plush lookout perch, each level caters to different feline desires.


Brand: Makati
Category: Cat trees
Dimensions: 47.836.9147cm

Invest in the Cat Tree and watch your big cat’s reign of happiness begin! This enriching palace is more than just a place to climb and nap, it’s a gateway to a world of adventure, relaxation, and endless entertainment. Order yours today and witness the purrfect transformation of your home into a feline sanctuary fit for royalty!

Out of stock