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M-PETS Dental Care Set – Mint flavour

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Upgrade your pet’s smile with our Dental Care Set!

From quick and easy finger brushing to deep-cleaning double-ended brushes.

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M-PETS Dogs Dental Care set – Mint flavor

M-PETS Dental Care set for dogs with mint flavor toothpaste – the easy way to keep your dog’s teeth and smile in top shape!

With four important tools to make taking care of your dog’s teeth a breeze:

  1. Finger Toothbrush.
  2. Massage Brush.
  3. Double-Ended Brush.
  4. Mint Flavor Toothpaste.


🐾 Improved Oral Hygiene

Regular brushing prevents gum disease and tooth decay in pets, reducing the risk of tooth loss for overall improved oral health.

🐾 Mint flavor toothpaste 

Your dog will have a nice-smelling breath that lasts. It’s made to leave their breath feeling fresh and clean.

🐾 Small and Large Brush Heads

It features a small brush for tricky back teeth and a big brush for the front ones. It helps keep your dog’s whole mouth nice and clean.

🐾 Gum Massage Brush

This brush is like a gentle massage for your dog’s gums. It makes their gums healthy and happy while giving them a relaxing massage.

🐾 Finger Toothbrush

Perfect for sensitive areas, this tool cleans hard-to-reach spots gently. It’s great for dogs who need a careful touch, ensuring a good clean without any discomfort.




In stock