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Lulu’s World Tunnel with Cushion Mat

KD 9.250

Lulu’s World Tunnel & Cushion Mat: Purrfect playtime & relaxation for your cat! Spacious crinkly tunnel, plush cushion, fun toy. Durable, and easy to clean. Happy cat, happy life!

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Unleash your cat’s inner explorer with the Lulu’s World Tunnel & Cushion Mat!

This purr-fect playtime paradise isn’t just a tunnel, it’s a gateway to endless adventures and cozy relaxation. Imagine your kitty stalking playfully through the crinkly fabric tunnel, batting at the dangling toy mouse, and then curling up for a luxurious nap on the plush cushion mat. This Lulu’s World Tunnel with Cushion Mat caters to every feline desire, making it the ultimate addition to any cat-loving home.

Here’s why your cat will be obsessed with the Tunnel & Cushion Mat:

Adventure Seeker’s Dream:

The spacious tunnel, made with exciting crinkly material, ignites your cat’s natural curiosity, providing endless opportunities for exploration, hiding, and playful pounces.

Comfy Haven:

The soft, plush cushion mat beckons for ultimate relaxation, offering the purrfect spot for cozy naps and luxurious lounging, keeping your kitty warm and comfy.

Interactive Fun:

The attached toy mouse dangles enticingly, satisfying your cat’s hunting instincts and encouraging playful batting sessions that keep boredom at bay.

Built to Last:

Made with high-quality materials, the tunnel is durably constructed to withstand even the most enthusiastic playtime, ensuring long-lasting fun for your feline friend.

Convenient & Easy to Clean:

The foldable design allows for easy storage and portability, while the machine-washable cushion mat makes cleaning a breeze.

Spacious Comfort:

Measuring L 105cm x H 29.5cm, the tunnel offers ample space for even larger cats to explore, stalk, and snooze in pure comfort.


Brand: Lulu’s World

Category: Cat trees

Dimensions: L 105cm x H 29.5cm

Invest in the Lulu’s World Tunnel & Cushion Mat and watch your cat’s happiness blossom! This versatile accessory is more than just a toy, it’s a gateway to a world of fun, comfort, and playful adventures. Order yours today and witness the magic unfold!



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