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M-PETS LETSGO Cat Harness & Leash Set – Black

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Create memorable moments with the LETSGO Harness & Leash Set – where safety, comfort, and style come together!

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M-PETS Letsgo Cat Harness & Leash Set

Elevate your cat’s outdoor experience with M-PETS LETSGO Cat Harness and Leash Set – the perfect blend of style and functionality for your feline friend!

Because every walk should be a stylish and secure adventure, providing you and your cat with a delightful experience.


🐾 Comfortable Fit

The adjustable harness ensures a snug and comfortable fit for your cat around the neck and body, allowing for a pleasant walking experience.

🐾 Matching Style

Elevate your cat’s style with a matching harness and leash. Catogo offers a combination of functionality and fashion for your stylish companion

🐾 Safe and Secure

This set ensures a snug fit, keeping your cat secure and preventing any accidental escapes.

🐾 Durable Quality

Crafted with quality materials, that ensures durability, making the harness and leash  a lasting investment for your cat’s comfort and safety.

🐾 Emergency Ready

With easy breakable buckles ensure you can quickly unbuckle your cat for safety in any unexpected situation.


  • Brand: M-PETS
  • Category: Collars, Harness, & Leashes
  • Harness Size: (Neck: 20-30 cm), (Chest: 30-42 cm)
  • Leash size: 1 cm x 90 – 170 cm (Extended).
  • Color: Black


Create memorable moments with the LETSGO Set – where safety, comfort, and style come together!



In stock