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1. Double-Sided Pin Brush Perfect For all your grooming tasks. The wire bristles can be used to remove matting, dirt, and dead parasites in the undercoat, While the soft bristles are ideal for removing dust and adding shine.

2. Double-Sided Comb An Ideal product for grooming, short, medium, and long-haired dogs. Stainless Steel teeth with rounded ends to avoid irritating your pet skins.

3. Nail Clipper Perfect to take care of your dog’s paws easily thanks to the built-in mechanism to limit cutting. The safety mechanism makes sure you can’t cut off too much of the claw

4. Rubber Brush Give your dog massage with the MPETS Rubber Brush. It allows the removal of the dead hair and is also excellent for washing.

5. Flea Comb The flea comb can be used as the final step in grooming and to remove fleas from the dog’s coat.

6. tick tweezer



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