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Essence Paste Adult 100g

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Your cat needs more than food and water to lead a long, healthy life. He or she needs proper nutrition and exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Our Essence Paste Adult provides all-in-one solutions to the most common well-being issues that cats face through different life stages. It contains all the ingredients that adult cats need to stay healthy, including (Chondroitin, glucosamine, papaya, pineapple, L-Tryptophan, taurine, and other active ingredients). This product is formulated without grains, artificial preservatives, colorants, or any other additives. Essence Paste Adult is a complete, balanced, high-energy diet that provides optimal health and nutrition for adult cats. It helps maintain a healthy weight while providing all the nutrition your cat needs to be energetic and healthy.


Special for adult cats.
Can be used by sterilized and non-sterilized cats.
Strengthens nerve function and energy metabolism.
Great for tension relief and emotion control.
Anti-hairball and digestive system care.


Weight: 100 g.



Out of stock