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ECO BASKET BED: Snuggle, play, relax! Recycled felt, spacious design, super-soft cushion. Happy cat, healthy planet, stylish home!

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Give your feline friend the ultimate eco-snuggle with the ECO BASKET BED!

ECO BASKET BED This soft, spacious, and sustainable haven is more than just a place to nap, it’s a luxurious expression of your love for your cat and the planet.

Imagine your kitty:

  • Curling up contentedly in the plush felt basket, made entirely from 100% recycled plastic bottles, feeling warm and secure.
  • Kicking their paws playfully at the dangling toy, giggling with delight as it swings gently.
  • Stretching out luxuriously on the super-soft included cushion, enjoying the ultimate comfort.

The ECO BASKET BED isn’t just good for your cat, it’s good for the Earth too:

Eco-friendly hero: 

The felt is made from recycled plastic bottles, giving new life to waste and reducing your carbon footprint.

Built to last: 

The high-quality construction ensures this basket bed will withstand even the most energetic feline snuggles.

Spacious and inviting: 

The generous size provides ample room for your cat to sprawl out, nap comfortably, or share the cozy space with a furry friend.

Stylish and modern design: 

The neutral gray color complements any home decor, making it a subtle and stylish addition to your living space.


Brand: M-PET
Category: Scratchers
Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 15 cm

Invest in the ECO BASKET BED and watch your cat and the Earth purr with joy! This enriching and eco-friendly haven is more than just a bed, it’s a statement of your love for your feline friend and the planet. Order yours today and witness the purrfect transformation – happy cat, healthy planet, and a beautiful addition to your home!






Out of stock