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M-PETS DUPLO Food & Water Dispenser – 3 L/1.3 KG

KD 12.500

Duplo Food and water dispenser from M-PETS. Suitable for dogs and cats.

Enjoy hassle-free, continuous feeding and stylish design! Get yours today!

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M-PETS DUPLO Food & Water Dispenser – 3 L/1.3 KG

M-PETS DUPLO Food & Water Dispenser for dogs and cats – the perfect solution to ensure your beloved pet has a continuous supply of fresh food and water throughout the day.

With a reservoir capacity of 3 L for water and 1.3 kg for food, this dispenser takes care of your pet’s needs effortlessly.


🐾 Continuous Water Supply

This dispenser’s large reservoir ensures that your cat or dog has access to fresh, clean food & water at all times.

🐾 Automatic Refill

The smart design automatically replenishes the bowl, ensuring a steady flow without your intervention.

🐾 Dispenses food slowly

Ensures that your pet’s meals are distributed at a controlled pace, preventing overeating and promoting a healthier feeding routine.

🐾 Transparent Window

The transparent design of the dispenser lets you easily monitor the food/water level, ensuring that your furry friend never runs out of food & water.

🐾 Preserves Food Freshness

It helps maintain the quality and taste of your pet’s meals.

🐾 Easy to Clean

The removable food bowl makes cleaning a breeze. Keep your pet’s feeding area clean and hygienic without any hassle.




In stock