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DORAS Cat Door with TUNNEL – 4 way locking

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Doras Cat Door with Tunnel: 4 Way Locking, Easy Install, Weatherproof (Fits Most Cats).


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Give your feline friend the freedom to come and go as they please with the Doras Cat Door with Tunnel – 4 Way Locking!

DORAS Cat Door with TUNNEL – 4 way locking This easy-to-install cat door is perfect for creating a designated entry and exit point for your cat, while also providing them with a sense of security.

Here’s what makes  the Cat Door the paw-fect choice:

Safe and Secure:

The four-way locking mechanism allows you to control your cat’s access through the door. Choose from fully locked, open only for entering, open only for exiting, or completely open.

Easy Installation:

The Doras Cat Door can be easily installed into doors, walls, or windows using the included instructions.

Weatherproof Tunnel:

The attached tunnel protects the cat door flap from the elements, helping to maintain a draft-free environment inside your home.

Fits Most Cats:

The medium-sized door opening is suitable for most cat breeds. Double-check the dimensions to ensure it’s a good fit for your cat.


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