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Build’it Atomium Cat Scratcher Replacement Pad

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Build’it Atomium Replacement Pad: Fits Atomium scratcher perfectly! Durable, eco-friendly, easy to replace. Keep your cat scratching happy!

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Give your feline friend a fresh start for scratching with the Build’it Atomium Cat Scratcher Replacement Pad!

Build’it Atomium Cat Scratcher Replacement Pad This durable and eco-friendly replacement is designed specifically for the Atomium cat scratcher, providing your cat with a renewed scratching surface to satisfy their natural instincts and keep them entertained.

Here’s what makes the Atomium Cat Scratcher Replacement Pad purrfect:

Perfect fit: 

Designed to seamlessly replace the worn-out pad on your Atomium cat scratchert.

Durable and long-lasting: 

Made from high-quality recycled cardboard, this replacement pad withstands even the most enthusiastic scratching.

Eco-friendly choice: 

Made from recycled materials, this replacement pad allows you to care for your cat’s scratching needs.

Easy to replace: 

Simply remove the old pad and attach the new one for a quick and hassle-free refresh of your cat’s favorite scratching post.


Brand: M-PET
Category: Scratchers
Dimensions: 26,5 cm

Invest in the Cat Scratcher Replacement Pad and watch your cat’s happiness scratch its way back to the surface! This cost-effective solution is the perfect way to extend the life of your Atomium cat scratcher and keep your feline friend engaged and entertained.





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