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It may sound weird that your pet needs a moisturizing product to keep their skin healthy and fresh. Well, we have to treat our pet as one of us and take care of their skin just like us. Therefore, Pet Barn provides this amazing product. Aloe Vera is a unique and natural product that helps heal dry and damaged skin.

  • Aloe vera shampoo retains moisture in the skin, it has a mildly
    antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • It provides powerful action and is suitable for both long and short hair fur dogs.
  • It is recommended for all breeds of dogs, including the ones that are prone to dry skin.
  • It also promotes rapid healing and prevents the reoccurrence of skin infections.
  • This shampoo is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. 


PH balanced formulation.
Keeps the skin moist and prevents dryness.
Suitable for long and short fur dogs.


Capacity: 250 ml.



In stock