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 It’s a professional repairing spray that helps repair every damaged. Algo Repair spray can be used for dry, dull, and brittle coats. Nonetheless, It can be used on all dog breeds, but it is particularly suitable for shaggy and curly coats. This spray also has a neutral PH, a non-greasy texture, and is paraben-free. It is also hydrating, strengthening, and nourishing. The product is very easy to use and it is effective. Algo Repair Spray provides the coat with a lot of shine and suppleness that your puppy needs. You can check our online store to get this exclusive product.
 Can be used for puppies and also kittens.
 Easy to use, suitable for all kinds of dogs.
 Capasity: 250ml
 Shake the spray before using it.
 Use it on the entire coat in the morning also in the evening.
 Keep it away from your pet’s eyes



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