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WELLFED STERILISED Beef & Salmon 200 gr

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 Full, balanced meal, exclusively steamed by 100% fresh meat, without carbohydrates. Suitable for neutered adult cats living in the house.
 From the moment of neutering their metabolism changes , so they need food enriched with L-Lysine: For the biosynthesis of proteins and L-Carnitine: Converts the fatty acids into pure energy.
 Veterinary tested, with flavour, aroma and texture consistent with the biological needs of animals in nature.
 – A nutritional meal 100% from meat
 – Suitable for adult neutered cats
 – Taste and texture that your cat will love
 – High nutritional value
 70% beef meat, hearts, and liver, 20% salmon, 28.9% broth, 1% minerals, 0.1% salmon oil.
 Nutrition Facts:
 Crude Protein: 10.60%
 Crude Fat: 6.80%
 Crude Fibre:0.40%
 Crude Ash: 2.50%
 Moisture: 79.00%
 Sodium: 0.18%
 Phosphorus: 0.26%
 Weight: 200g



In stock