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Water Fountain Filter Replacements (2 Pack): Clean Water, Promotes Hydration, Long-Lasting, Easy to Replace.


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Keep your pet’s water fountain running smoothly with these WATER FOUNTAIN FILTER 2PCS CARBON.

WATER FOUNTAIN FILTER 2PCS CARBON These essential filters effectively remove impurities, odors, and bad taste from your pet’s water, ensuring they have access to clean, fresh water at all times.

Here’s what makes  the FILTER the paw-fect choice:

Clean, Fresh Water:

The activated carbon in these filters absorbs impurities that can affect the taste and odor of your pet’s water.

Promotes Hydration:

By providing your pet with clean, fresh-tasting water, you can encourage them to drink more, which is essential for their overall health and well-being. Proper hydration can help prevent urinary and kidney diseases.

Long-lasting Performance:

These replacement filters are designed to last for several weeks, depending on the number of pets using the fountain and the overall water quality.

Easy to Replace:

Most pet water fountains are designed for easy replacement of carbon filters, ensuring hassle-free maintenance of your pet’s water source.


This package includes 2 replacement carbon filters.


Brand: M-PET
Category: Bowls & Feeding Accessories




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