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40 x 4 x 3.5 cm
Function: Flashing eyes; Moving tongue; Smart sleep mode; Touch sensor; Charge via USB.
Instructions: 1. Charge via USB cable for 40 Minutes. 2. Turn the switch on. 3. Put the snake on the ground. It will slither around the room. 4. The sensor in the snakie’s head detects obstacles and makes the snake turn around. 5. If not touched, the snake will enter sleep mode after 2 minutes.6. Tap the snake’s head to wake it up.
S-type crawling, when encountering obstacles, the eyes blink and automatically back and turn, the tongue can be retractable, and the tail can swing. After playing for about 1 minute, the snake will enter the hibernation state, and tapping the snake’s head will re-enter the play state
Play time: ≥60 min
battery Voltage: 3.7V 75mAh lithium battery pack (built-in)
Charging time: approximately 30 minutes

Unleash your cat’s inner hunter with our new interactive act toy SNEAKY SNAKE by M-PETS! This lifelike moving snake toy is the challenge your cat has been waiting for. Simply turn the snake on, set it on the ground and watch it slither around the room as your cat tries to catch its newfound prey. The bright pattern and scaly texture of SNEAKY SNAKE add extra sensory stimulation for your cat as it hunts down the cunning snake. But our snake won’t give up easily! It fl ashes its eyes and waggles its tongue playfully, before making a hasty getaway.
The sensor in the snake’s head helps it to avoid obstacles as it glides along the fl oor, weaving in and out just like a real snake.
This toy is great for households with single or multiple cats, and it comes with a charging cable so your kitties can enjoy countless hours of fun.



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