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Silvernite Baby Powder Scent Cat Litter 10kg

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Pet Barn store presents our distinguish Silvernite Baby Powder Scent Cat Litter. This product is a highly absorbent, clumping cat litter made from 100% bentonite. This cat powder can absorb more than its own weight in moisture, making it a very economical choice. The cat powder is cleaned four times during the manufacturing process to ensure it is almost completely dust-free. This means that your cat’s paws and your floor remain dry and clean. The baby powder scent provides powerful, long-lasting anti-odor protection and neutralizes any unpleasant smells. Don’t hesitate to get this amazing product and discover its premium features from our pet store now.


 Made from high-quality bentonite.
Absorbs more than its own weight in moisture.
Baby Powder scent.
Keeps your cat’s claws and your floor dry and clean.
Safe and easy to use.


Width: 50 cm.
Height: 11 cm.
Depth: 40 cm.
Weight: 3 kg.
Capacity: 10 L.



In stock

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