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Keep your active cat healthy with a nutrient-rich diet for cats aged 1-7!

ROYAL CANIN® Fit 32  Cat Food provides your cat with a complete and balanced diet supporting their overall health and well-being.


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Regular Fit 32 is a high-quality choice for an adult cat with no special dietary needs. This food is designed for cats that need a balanced diet and for cats that are active indoors or need low-calorie food. It also contains adequate levels of vitamins A, C, D, and E to help maintain an adult cat’s urinary system. The high protein content of the food helps ensure an adult cat’s healthy weight and well-being. It is ideal for adult cats to maintain health. Get Regular Fit 32 from our online store now!


Low calories and can be used by any kind of cat.
Contains all the Vitamins that your cat needs.
Regular Fit 32 for adult cats from 1-7 years old.
This product can go along with your cat’s diet.


Weight: 2 kg.


Royal Canin

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