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POPPY Measuring Scoop

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It’s a little like the magic scale. That small-scale can help you quickly and conveniently measure your dog’s or cat’s food. It’s also a handy tool for measuring other substances, such as shampoo, conditioner,
cream, and more. The Poppy Measuring Scoop is super-handy because it works exactly like a regular measuring spoon, but it’s way faster. Get one now from our pet store and easily feed your pet with the proper amount of food. It is the only great invention that helps keep your pet on a regular and healthy diet.
 Ensures that your pet gets the exact amount of food if they are on special diets.
 Max weight: 800 g/ 28.21 oz.
 Min Weight: 10 g/ 0.35 oz.
 Supplied with LCD digital screen that displays the item’s weight precisely.
 A removable cup is included.
 The cup is made of high-quality ABS material.
 Easy to remove and clean.
 Size: 29 x 9.4 x 5 cm



In stock