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KD 14.750



Slide the button to open the door! With the innovative slide button design, this backpack makes getting your cat in and out easier than ever. It is built with durable materials, allowing it to stand up to heavy scratching and chewing. Featuring a tinted window, your cat will be protected from the sun while enjoying the beautiful scenery. For ventilation, It comes with 4-sided air holes so that your kitty feels cool even when you are traveling for a long distance.

  • Weight (empty): 1.3kg | 2.9lb
  • Max. carrying load: 6kg | 13.2lb
  • Features plastic feet on the base
  • Features a hidden side zippered pocket
  • Interior features scratch-resistant materials
  • The tinted window provides sun protection
  • 4-sided air holes create good air circulation
  • Features a slide-button to open the front door for easy access
  • Ergonomic design helps distribute weight and eliminate the pressure points
  • Comes with an interior tether that can be attached to your kitty’s harness for extra safety

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