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Pet Food CONTAINER 4.5kg

KD 5.750

Store your pet’s food while ensuring its freshness, promoting portion control, and maintaining a clean and organized feeding routine for your beloved furry companion.

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Our pets bring us happiness. Therefore, we should treat them as family members. Our pet store provides this Pet Food Container that is a space-efficient square dish. It is airtight and holds many pounds of dry or wet pet food. The container has an easy-grip molded handle, so you can take it anywhere when it’s completely full. This bag is excellent for keeping your pet food fresh in that small space. As responsible pet owners, we should always keep our pet food healthy and clean. Don’t hesitate to discover the premium features of this amazing Pet Food Container that will absolutely facilitate your pet’s feeding process.


Easy to move from one place to another.
Does not affect the efficiency of the food contained inside.
Prevents the humidity from spoiling the food.
Contains plenty of food.
Appealing shape and color.
Match your home’s decoration style.

41x25x34 cm 



In stock