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NATUREST GOURMET SALON Shrimps Chicken & Sweet Potato 400 gr

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The bliss diet and healthy boost collection
In this series, you will find high-quality gourmet recipes, with at least 92% fresh meat, served with vegetables, prebiotics, rice, herbs, and superfoods, cooked in steam to keep their nutrients without the need for preservatives. Made in Germany

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Naturest Salon Stories.
Wet meal with shrimp, chicken and sweet potato, a delicious gastronomic pleasure for demanding, food-eating dogs.
Cooked with fresh natural products , without preservatives , artificial flavor enhancers and colors .
Contains  56.35% chicken (meat and edible offal of biological value), 35.15% shrimp, 4.30% sweet potato, 2.80% cranberries, 1% minerals, 0.1% curd oil, 0.1% herbs, 0.1% FOS, 0.1% MOS.
No  preservatives.
No  flavor enhancers.
No  grains and soy.
Metabolic energy : 93kcal / 100gr
Nutrients – vitamin D3 200i.e., zinc sulfate 15mg, manganese sulfate 3mg, calcium iodide 0.75mg.



In stock