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M-PETS Puppy Training Pads 33x45cm – 50 pcs

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Leak-proof and super-absorbent pads ensure a hygienic environment for your pet’s training needs.

Get them now for a fresh and worry-free experience with your beloved pet!

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M-PETS Training pads puppies 33x45cm – 50pcs

Keep your furry friend comfortable and your home clean with M-PETS Training Pads puppies.

These pads are designed to be leak-proof and super absorbent.

Additionally, it includes an antibacterial agent which adds an extra layer of hygiene and cleanliness, making them an excellent option for your pet’s training requirements.

Thanks to the rapid gel technology, these pads swiftly absorb liquids, making them suitable for both puppies and aging dogs or post-operative use.


🐾Leak Proof Design

The pads are designed to be leak-proof, preventing any mess from seeping through and protecting your floors and carpets.

🐾Super Absorbent

The pads quickly soak up liquids with high absorbency, keeping the surface dry and comfortable for your pet.

🐾Deodorization effect

The Training Pads effectively trap and neutralize unpleasant odors, ensuring a fresh and pleasant-smelling home.

🐾pet attractant

It contains pet attractant enticing your furry friend to use them for training.

🐾Antibacterial agent

It features an antibacterial agent that Provides an extra layer of hygiene and cleanliness.


Brand: M-PETS

Category: Training pads

Super absorbent

Quantity: 50 pcs.

Size: 33×45 cm.

Obtain them now and enjoy a fresh and worry-free experience with your beloved pet!



In stock