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M-PETS Training Pads 60×60 (50 regular + 2 Uritest pads)

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Track your pet’s urinary health, with M-PETS Uritest Training Pads.

Stress-free testing for a happy, healthy pet!

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M-PETS Training Pads – 60 x 60 cm (50+2)

M-PETS Uritest Training Pads – patented pads developed to provide a quick diagnosis of disorders and diseases of the urinary tract in your beloved pet.

It provides information on blood (WBC & BLD), urine specific gravity (SG), protein (PRO), pH-value (pH), and glucose (GLU) concentration in your pet’s urine.


🐾Rapid Testing

With URITEST, you’ll get comprehensive test results in just 60 seconds, allowing for prompt action and providing pet owners with peace of mind.

🐾Comprehensive Health Monitoring

It offers multiple test results, providing valuable insights into your pet’s health. Facilitating proactive care, and early detection of potential issues.

🐾Reliable Materials

The pads are made of high-quality materials such as non-woven fabrics, cast film, bumf, and pH test paper ensuring accurate results.

🐾Leak-Proof Design

Say goodbye to messy accidents! The leak-proof design guarantees clean and dry floors and surfaces, making cleanup hassle-free.

🐾Convenient Home Testing

You can easily use it at your own home, reducing the need for frequent trips to the veterinarian for routine urine analysis.


  • Brand: M-PETS
  • Category: Training pads
  •  Quantity: 50 regular pads + 2 uritest pads
  •  Size: 60 × 60 cm

Say goodbye to stress and struggles with a complete urine test in just 60 seconds!



In stock