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Nourish and protect your cat’s coat with BIOGANCE Lavender Secret Shampoo.

Experience the power of natural ingredients for a healthier coat!

Enriched with essential oils (Lavender & Lemon grass) and aloe vera.


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BIOGANCE Lavender Secret Cat Shampoo

Lavender Secret Cat Shampoo is a specially formulated shampoo that offers optimal care for your cat’s coat.

Enriched with essential oils such as Lavender, Lemon grass, and aloe vera, this product effectively protects and nourishes the hair, resulting in a clean, shiny, and healthy appearance.

It is hypoallergenic, and it doesn’t contain parabens or chemical additives. As a result, it promotes healthy hair for your cat.

Moreover, this product is safe and appropriate for kittens as it includes natural ingredients.


🐾Softens and protects the coat

It provides optimal softness and protection while leaving the coat healthy and shiny.

🐾Protects against external aggressions

Shields the coat from pollution, sun damage, and tobacco.

🐾Suitable for kittens

The gentle formulation ensures safety and effectiveness for puppies.

🐾PH balanced formulation

It Cleans the coat gently and deeply while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.

🐾Natural ingredients

98% of the formula is derived from bio and natural sources.

 Directions for Use

  1. Apply Lavender Secret Shampoo to a wet coat.
  2. Gently rub the shampoo into the coat.
  3. Rinse the coat thoroughly.
  4. Repeat the application.
  5. Allow the shampoo to stand for 2 minutes.
  6. Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly.
  7. Avoid contact with the eyes.





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