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Freeze Dried Chicken for cats

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 A delicious meal for cats with 100% meat that your kitty will love.
 This cat food is made from dried chicken with full aroma and taste, and can last on the shelf for up to 25 years.
 It’s grain-free, without preservatives, additives, and it’s hypoallergenic.
 With all this in mind, your cat will feel great with every meal and meet their needed nutrition.
 – 100% meat cat food with full aroma and taste
 – Contains dried chicken that cats absolutely love
 – Grain-free, no preservatives, no additives, and it’s hypoallergenic
 – Longest shelf life: >25 years
 Nutrition Facts:
 Protein: 78%
 Fat: 2%
 Fibre: 0.2%
 Ash: 3.5%
 Moisture: 7%
 1 to 2 pieces per 2.5 kg of body weight



In stock

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