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Foobler Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

KD 7.250

Versatile, tasty, stress-easing treat dispenser for dogs.

Give your dog a chance to engage, learn, and have fun. Try it now!



Foobler Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

Foobler is a unique treat dispenser toy that keeps your dog entertained and challenged!

A revolutionary electronic timed treat dispenser designed to enhance your dog’s life in countless ways.

It keeps your dog engaged, combats bad behavior, and promotes healthier eating habits.


🐾 Six Treat Compartments

It includes six separate treat compartments, perfect for filling with dry food, treats, or kibble.

🐾 Timed Dispensing

Set the Foobler to dispense treats at 15, 30, 60, or 90-minute intervals, ensuring hours of engagement for your dog.

🐾 Built-In Chime

The Foobler includes a chime that alerts your dog when it’s time to play and receive a treat.

🐾 Promotes Mental Stimulation

By offering multiple challenges throughout the day, the Foobler keeps your dog mentally stimulated, reducing boredom and bad behavior.

🐾 Slow Feeder

Use the Foobler to spread your pet’s meals, preventing overeating, bloating, and promoting a healthier eating pattern.

🐾 Durable Design

Built to withstand playful paws, the Foobler is designed with durability in mind for long-lasting use.

🐾 Reduces Destructive Behavior

Say goodbye to chewed furniture and other destructive habits as the Foobler positively redirects your dog’s energy.


  • Category: Dog Toys
  • Size: big, small
  • Color: Blue & Orange

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