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FALSTER Cushion Black

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FALSTER Cushion Black: Outdoor comfort for your dog! Waterproof, UV-resistant, easy clean. Plush filling, stylish design. Perfect for naps & relaxation outdoors!



Treat your outdoor-loving dog to the ultimate comfort and relaxation with the FALSTER Cushion Black!

FALSTER Cushion Black This durable and weatherproof outdoor cushion is the perfect spot for your furry friend to lounge and soak up the sun, or curl up for a cozy nap under the stars.

Imagine your pet:

  • Relaxing contentedly on the soft and comfortable cushion, enjoying the gentle support against their fur.
  • Basking in the sunshine on the waterproof and UV-resistant fabric, staying cool and comfortable even on hot days.
  • Snuggling up for a restful sleep on the plush filling, feeling safe and secure in their own outdoor haven.

The Cushion isn’t just comfortable and practical for your pet, it’s also a thoughtful choice for you:

Durable and weatherproof: 

Made with high-quality materials that can withstand the elements, this cushion is built to last for years to come.

Easy to clean: 

The water-resistant fabric makes cleaning up spills and accidents a breeze, simply hose it down and let it air dry.

Comfortable and supportive: 

The plush filling provides your pet with the comfort and support they need for a restful sleep.

Stylish and versatile: 

The classic black color and simple design complement any outdoor space, making this cushion a practical and stylish addition to your patio or deck.


Brand: M-PET
Category: Bed & Blankets

Invest in the FALSTER Cushion Black and give your dog the gift of comfort and relaxation outdoors! This durable, weatherproof, and comfortable cushion is the perfect way to show your furry friend you care. Order yours today and witness the contented transformation – a relaxed and comfortable pet, and peace of mind for you!

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