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Dental spray

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M-Pets Dental Spray: Fresh breath, clean teeth, fights periodontal disease, easy to use.


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Give your pet a reason to smile with M-Pets Dental Spray!

This easy-to-use spray is a great way to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy in between brushing. Our gentle formula removes plaque and prevents tartar buildup, the leading causes of bad breath and periodontal disease. M-Pets Dental Spray also freshens your pet’s breath, leaving them feeling confident and ready for cuddles.

Here’s why M-Pets Spray is a wagging tail product for your pet:

Fresh Breath & Clean Teeth:

Regular use helps remove plaque and tartar buildup, leaving your pet’s breath smelling fresh and their teeth clean.

Fights Periodontal Disease:

By preventing plaque and tartar buildup, M-Pets Spray helps fight periodontal disease, a serious condition that can affect your pet’s overall health.

Easy to Use:

Simply spray onto your pet’s mouth for a quick and convenient way to support their dental hygiene.

Gentle Formula:

Safe for daily use, M-Pets Spray is gentle enough for even the most sensitive pets.


Brand: M-PET
Category: Daily Care & Treatments
Size: 118 ml

Give your pet the gift of a healthy smile with M-Pets Spray!




In stock