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Clear Water Fountain

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Clear Water Fountain: Ultra-Quiet, Durable, Smart Light Reminders, Improved Water Quality, Fresh Flowing Water, Auto-Off Safety, Convenient Design. 1.88L Capacity, Free Filter Included.


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Keep your furry friend hydrated with the peace of mind you deserve, with the Clear Water Fountain.

Clear Water Fountain This innovative pet fountain boasts a combination of advanced features designed for both your pet’s health and your convenience.

Here’s what makes  the Fountain the paw-fect choice:

Ultra-Quiet Operation:

Enjoy a quiet household with the near-silent pump and water flow design. No more disruptive gurgling or splashing to interrupt your day or night.

Long-Lasting Durability:

The high-quality construction ensures the fountain will withstand even the most playful pets. The pump is rated for 100,000 cycles, providing long-lasting performance.

Smart Lighting Reminders:

The built-in light indicator system takes the guesswork out of maintaining the fountain. It lets you know when to refill the water or replace the filter.

Improved Water Quality:

The 5-stage filtration system removes impurities and hair, while softening the water for better taste.

Fresh, Flowing Water:

The gentle bubbling water stream entices pets to drink more, promoting good health and preventing urinary tract infections.

Auto-Off Safety Feature:

The fountain automatically shuts off when the water level is low, preventing damage and ensuring safety.

Convenient Design:

The 1.88L water reservoir provides a continuous source of fresh water for your pet, minimizing refills. The fountain is also easy to disassemble and clean, keeping your pet’s water source hygienic.

Free Filter Included:

Get started right away with a free filter included with your purchase.


Brand: Furrytail
Category: Bowls & Feeding accessories
Dimensions: 7.9in*7.9in* 6.1in ( 20 cm*20cm*15.6cm)


















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