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Cat Litter Box- big Bread

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Ultra-high-stream-style retaining ring design for easy access and better protection of your cat’s privacy. Effectively prevents cat litter spillage. Featuring sand off pedal to prevent your cat from tracking litter out of the bin.

Large space – Ensure the cat enough space for Garfield, British short  Scottish Fold and other fat cat or cats use

Ultra-high enclosure – Ultra-high-stream-style retaining ring design, easy access to the cat, Better protection of cat privacy. Effectively prevent the cat litter everywhere splash

Sand off the pedal –  Hudian integrated sand-down pedal to prevent the cat out of the toilet When the claw base with a cat litter, to keep the home environment clean and tidy.


  • Big Mouth Cat Litter Scoop included
  • Ultra-high guard to prevent spillage
  • Size for large cats or multiple cats
  • Step screen traps litter cat’s paws
  • Dimension: 60(L) x 47(W) x 26(H) cm

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.