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BURANA Eco Cat Tower

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BURANA Eco Cat Tower

Sustainable fun for playful paws! 99% recycled plastic, sisal scratching, plush lounging, spacious design. Happy cat, happy planet!

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Empower your feline explorer and the planet with the BURANA Eco Cat Tower!

BURANA Eco Cat Tower This sustainable haven, crafted with 99% recycled plastic, is more than just a playground for curious paws; it’s a statement of eco-conscious care. Imagine your cat scaling the sturdy tower, sharpening claws on eco-friendly sisal posts, and napping in plush comfort – all while you contribute to a healthier planet.

The BURANA Eco Cat Tower isn’t just good for the earth, it’s purrfect for your cat:

Eco-Hero Status: 

Made with 99% recycled plastic, indulge your cat’s playful instincts while making a responsible choice for the environment.

Sisal Satisfaction:

Sturdy sisal scratching posts redirect natural behaviors, saving your furniture and satisfying feline needs.

Plush Paradise: 

Multiple levels of soft, plush platforms offer cozy hideaways and comfy napping spots for ultimate relaxation.

Climbing Challenge:

Encourage healthy exercise and keep boredom at bay with a stimulating climbing structure that reaches new heights.

Spacious Design:

Measuring 49.5×49.5x104cm, the Cat Tower offers ample space for climbing, lounging, and observation, even for larger cats.


  • Brand: BURANA
  • Category: Cat trees
  • Dimensions: 49.5×49.5x104cm

Invest in the Eco Cat Tower and give your cat a gift they’ll love while making a positive impact. Order yours today and join the eco-conscious cat community!





In stock